About Minimalist Street

About Minimalist Street

Welcome to Minimalist Street


At Minimalist Street we have a passion for beautiful, functional products that make life easier and more efficient. We believe firmly that the intersection of form and function is where you will find great products and that the very best products are sleek, compact and minimalist at heart. That’s what you will find on Minimalist Street.


Far from a minimalist lifestyle blog, our ambition with our little blog is to help similarly minded readers to shortcut the process of finding great gifts for friends, for family, for colleagues and, yes, even for themselves.


Our writers are carefully curating the best products from around the world from reputable, high-quality suppliers and brands and bringing you posts filled with fast facts, reviews and detailed information so you can make fast, informed decisions and make 1 click to purchase the products you want.


Our passion for great products and services is inspired by our love of travel, technology, and simplicity. We love anything that makes life easier, more efficient and more enjoyable, that’s what you will find here on Minimalist Street.


We hope you love our site just as much as we love bringing it to you.


Inspired by dumplings

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